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  If you need a concrete pump truck, you are advised to pay attention to the tips below.

  1. Choose well-known brands through branch offices of big concrete pump truck manufacturers in the local area. You are advised to check the identification certificate, type test report, test report of the special vehicle strong inspection item, motor vehicle catalog number, quality system certification certificate, etc. Since a pump is a large product, you’d better go to factories to examine their production, management and quality before making a final decision.

  2. Chassis should be chosen according to the condition of the project and the size of the construction project, the length of the cycle and the frequency of transfer, the pumping quantity, the length of the cloth arm and the parameters of the cloth arm. The quality of the product should be examined from the table and the inside, including the appearance of the shape, the coating, the welded steel structural parts, the walking platform, the railing etc.. Check whether the parts are smooth and beautiful, and examine the performance quality of the chassis engine, gearbox, transfer bridge, main hydraulic components, pumping system, cloth arm, slewing mechanism and slewing bearing.
need a concrete pump truck

  3. Inspect the pump's performance, the smoothness and flexibility of each part of the action. Check whether the stretched fabric arm and the recovery fabric arm are abnormally shaken, whether the chassis travel, turning diameter, approach angle, departure angle and ground clearance meet the passability, whether the economic indicators such as the fuel consumption rate of the engine are reasonable and whether the remote control operation is reliable and stable. For concrete pump trucks with self-made cloth arms, the manufacturing quality of the structural parts should also be carefully understood. In order to reduce the weight of the fabric arm, the underframe and the leg, the steel should be made of carbon steel with high strength and fine grain structure (tempered steel sheet).

  4. Check the concrete pump truck's fullness and environmental protection requirements: whether the special vehicle inspection project, braking performance, emission index, and noise limit meet the requirements of each standard. Investigate whether the after-sales service network of the supplier can meet the timely service, as well as the service quality, service level and the ability of spare parts to be delivered in time. Understand the supplier's commitment to operational training and maintenance training for the driver.

  5. When purchasing pumps and acceptance, it is necessary to check the supply list and relevant materials in detail. Whether the certificate of conformity, instructions for use, accessories, accessories and maintenance kits are consistent with the physical goods, and the purchase should be complete. You should select a driver, the pilot and the maintenance personnel to be trained and operated according to the procedures specified in the instruction manual.

  Haomei machinery is a modern enterprise specializing in the design, development and sales of construction machine units like concrete batching plants, concrete mixer trucks (concrete tankers) and concrete pump trucks. If you need a concrete pump truck, welcome to contact us!

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