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  If you want to buy a concrete pump truck, we advise you to pay attention to the following things during your purchasing process.

  1. Type and structure of the building projects

  In addition to the quantity of needed concrete, other factors, like type and structure of the project, technical requirements in construction, site conditions and surrounding environment etc., should also be taken into account in buying a concrete pump truck. It is worth noting that the main performance parameters of the commonly used concrete pump trucks should be consistent with or slightly larger than the construction requirements. Otherwise, the utilization rate will be dissatisfying, which might lead to inappropriate operation to improve efficiency of the pump. This will undoubtedly accelerates the loss of the truck.

  2. Adaptability in construction

  The concrete pump truck has so great a flexibility that it is not only easy to move but also very convenient to use it. At present, concrete pump trucks with a boom length between 28m and 36m take up the largest market share, accounting for about 75%. This reflects the mainstream construction scale in the industry. Trucks whose booms exceed 42 meters are not popular because of two other reasons, too. First, their cost will rise substantially. Second, the running of those long-boom trucks are usually restricted by constructional spaces.
buy a concrete pump truck

  3. Concrete volume

  When you buy a concrete pump truck, you should first get a rough idea about the concrete volume you need to deal with at a given period of time. This entails a simple math work. Related factors include the amount of concrete poured, the actual delivery volume of the single machine, and the construction work time. Sometimes one concrete pump truck is not enough, and you need to prepare 2 to three trucks for large scale construction projects. Of course, everything must be based on your practical math work.

  4. Configuration

  In buying concrete pump trucks, it is recommended to adopt a high starting point purchase mode, which means you should pursue the best configuration based on your needs. This principle will directly lead to top quality of each part of the pump. Based on this given configuration, you can compare prices to obtain the most cost efficient truck. This is very important in carrying out your purchasing process, since many people ask prices first and then leave at once if the price exceeds their expectation!

  To sum up, if you need to buy a concrete pump truck, you need to take into account of type and structure of the building projects, adaptability in construction, concrete volume and configuration. If you have other advice, welcome to leave messages!

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