Hydraulic system of a mini concrete pump truck

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  The hydraulic system is to drive the water pump of a mini concrete pump truck. In this driving mode, the prime mover and the water pump are connected by a flexible rubber hydraulic pipe. The pump can be used in vertical, horizontal or inclined installation at any angle. In addition, the project uses a diesel engine as the prime mover, eliminating the power facilities necessary for a fixed pumping station. Due to the diesel engine and hydraulic driving method, the pump device can be integrated in the chassis of the car or a special container to form a movable pump device system.

  There are five main types of control methods for the electrical control system of mini concrete pump trucks: mechanical, hydraulic, electromechanical electrical control, programmable controller, and logic circuit control.
mini concrete pump truck

  In addition to the electrical control system installed on the mini concrete pump truck to complete the control task, a manual control operating system is also installed, which is also part of the control system. If mechanical operation is adopted, there are generally two modes of a rod-type operation mechanism and a flexible shaft operation mechanism. If you compare the two, it is not difficult to find that the flexible shaft operating mechanism has more advantages, such as flexible layout, high transmission efficiency, fewer transition joints, small empty stroke, and convenient stroke adjustment, so the concrete pump truck's operating system The main choice is the flexible shaft operating mechanism.

  According to actual needs, stepless speed regulation should be able to be realized in the control system of the concrete boom pump and the locking mechanism that can stop the joystick at any position is the key device to achieve stepless speed regulation. Generally, disc springs or spring pates can be used.

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