Concrete pump truck models

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  Concrete pump truck models are divided based on the boom length, mixer capacity and motor capacity. For example, an HBT50-28-500 concrete pump truck stands for a 50 motor, a js500 concrete mixer and a boom of 28m long. Boom length is the most frequently used, including 25m, 27m, 28m, 29m, 33m, 35m, 38m, 42m and 45m etc.

  How to choose concrete pump truck models?

  First, pay attention to the boom length. The boom length decides the pumping distance and height of the truck. In choosing a chassis truck, you should take account of the height of the building and the area of the construction site. For example, if you need to supply concrete for a 3 to 5 storey building, the total height of which is between 11m to 18m, then you are recommended to select a truck whose length ranges from 18m to 34m.
concrete pump truck models

  Second, consider the conditions of the construction site. Owing to the fact that a concrete pump truck needs to be supported by legs stretching around it and that the truck may need to move around the building, you should consider its parking areas in advance. Generally speaking, small trucks (boom length 34m and below) takes up a smaller area than larger ones like a BTM45 concrete pump truck.

  Third, be clear about the whole length of the truck chassis. You should pay special attention to this point when your target markets are in rural areas, where is featured by narrow zigzag roads and bridges by rivers. It would be frustrating to have your truck falling into a river while having it turning into a new road.

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