How to operate a concrete pump truck

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  How to operate a concrete pump truck? The tips are as below.

  1. Concrete pump trucks can only be used for the pumping of concrete. Any use other than this (such as lifting heavy objects) is dangerous.

  2. It’s forbidden to add a subsequent pipe over 3m to the end hose, for the pumping height and distance of a pump has been decided based on strict and scientific calculation. Neither it’s valid to change the safety pressure and operating speed settings at will.

how to operate a concrete pump truck

  3. Safety Tips in Operating Supporting Legs

  A. The support ground must be horizontal. Otherwise it is necessary to make a horizontal bearing surface.

  B. The concrete pump truck must be supported on a solid ground. If the maximum pressure of the legs is greater than the allowable pressure on the ground, the support plate or auxiliary bricks must be used to increase the bearing surface area.

  C. When the pump truck is supported near the pit and slope, there should be enough safety space. The maximum deviation angle of the machine before and after the horizontal level should not exceed 3 degrees.

  D. When the legs are unfolded or closed, the range of rotation of the legs is a dangerous area. When the personnel are likely to be pinched by the 6 in the range, all the legs must be stretched and unfolded to the specified position (outriggers and branches) The arrows on the ears are aligned, and the front leg arms are aligned with the front leg extension arm arrows. Otherwise there is a risk of tipping over.

  E. The legs must be supported as required to operate the boom. The boom must be placed on the main support of the boom before the legs retreat.

  F. In case of factors that reduce stability, the boom must be immediately gathered up until the factors are removed. These factors include changes in ground conditions caused by rain, snow, or other sources of water.

  4. Make sure that the concrete meets the pumping requirements. Concrete slump is generally required to be 5-23 cm. In a Φ100mm conveying pipe, the maximum particle size of aggregate should not exceed 25mm. In a Φ125mm conveying pipe, the maximum particle size of aggregate should not exceed 40mm.

  5. When the concrete is pumped vertically, a horizontal straight pipe of 10 meters or more should be laid between the pump truck outlet and the vertical riser.

  How to operate a concrete pump truck? It’s more than what have mentioned above, and you will have to accumulate knowledge in practice.

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