Keep the trailer concrete pumps clean

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If the trailer concrete pumps does not clean up the commercial concrete in time after operation, it will cause the transmission, reducer, hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic radiator, main valve block and other important parts to be seriously covered by cement soil, resulting in various performance hindrance.

First of all, from the concrete pump truck structure, the boom pump truck operation of the power parts will produce high temperature and high pressure, the need for equipment itself thermal conductivity to heat dissipation (such as gearbox, back pressure box, hydraulic oil tank, reducer), or auxiliary radiator heat dissipation (such as hydraulic radiator fan). If these concrete blocks are not cleaned, the thermal conductivity of these components will be affected.

Secondly, from the point view of the design structure, the pump truck gearbox can rely on its own design and reasonable heat dissipation. The gearbox will produce a certain amount of steam in the process of work, a large amount of gas accumulation will make the internal pressure rise, gearbox in the top design of a ventilation hole, fundamentally speaking, this ventilation hole is a one-way valve, just like the pressure relief valve on a pressure cooker, in normal circumstances, the valve closed. When the internal pressure rises, the one-way valve will be opened to steam.

The concrete pump truck because of the relatively special nature of the work and long-term operating environment, will slowly produce natural and accidental fouling, causing fouling in part

1. Concrete pump truck tubing aging, hydraulic oil leakage, if did not clean the contaminated surface in time, oil and dust mixed into very difficult to clean up the mud, which is more serious arm pollution;

2. The ash produced by the perennial running operation of the trailer concrete pump is attached to the parts which are difficult to be cleaned up, such as the suspension of the beam of the boom type pump truck.

3, cement pump machine plugging, after the explosion of residual commodity concrete. The contamination of equipment caused by such causes should be the most common.

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