How long is the service life of boom pump truck

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In addition to the quality of the boom pump truck equipment itself and the design of the manufacturer, the service life of the concrete pump truck also has a great relationship with the operator. The boom pump truck works with high intensity every day, which is itself a high wear rate equipment, so the daily maintenance is particularly important.
How to increase the service life of boom pump truck?

Pay attention to its working conditions, such as motors, transmission gears, etc., it can be judged according to their working sound is normal, if there is any abnormal noise, to stop the work of the machine in time, check.
Operators should make preparations before using concrete pump truck with mixing boom to check the working condition of each part.
If the boom pump equipment works too frequently and the working intensity is too high, the heat inside the truck will rise. If the ability of mixing cement is reduced, the normal working schedule will be destroyed, and the gear and bearing will be seriously damaged. The depreciation rate of the equipment reduces the service life of the boom pump truck integration machine, so the operator should rationally deploy the workload.
After the completion of the work to the boom concrete pump truck body in time to clean up, will mixer body dirty things are removed, while avoiding concrete into the motor, gear and other equipment. At the same time, lubricating oil should be applied to the machine from time to time to avoid the damage caused by the huge friction to the concrete pump truck of the mixing boom.

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