What about plugging the trailer concrete pump

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In the construction of high-rise or super-high-rise buildings in busy traffic areas and narrow sites, trailer concrete pump or concrete pump trucks are used to transport the concrete to the construction site. Compared with the traditional conveying mode, the trailer concrete pump or concrete pump truck can not only reduce the heavy manual labor, but also can carry out continuous operation, thus shortening the construction period, reducing the project cost and improving the project quality. However, when using boom pump pumping, in addition to requiring good performance of the equipment itself, there are strict requirements for the quality of concrete, otherwise it will also cause pipe plugging, affecting the progress of construction.

What about plugging the concrete pump truck ?

1. pipe blockage caused by quality problems of raw materials

Emergency treatment is to surround the porous aggregate, soak it in tap water for a few days, make it suck enough water, and properly increase the proportion of cement, and then use high-pressure small displacement pumping, after that no plugging occurs.

2. pipe blockage caused by improper pipe arrangement

When concrete is pumped downward, its flow is uncontrollable by the conveying pump. Concrete flows downward because of its dead weight, resulting in serious segregation, resulting in rapid flow of coarse aggregate. At the junction of vertical pipe and horizontal pipe, coarse aggregate stops moving due to accumulation, while fine aggregate and mortar flow slowly behind. Make the pipe into some air, the air will be pumped with concrete and gradually compressed back tow pump outlet near the formation of air lock, when its pressure and pump pressure close, concrete can not pumping, resulting in blockage. According to the technical requirement, the plugging phenomenon will disappear after the tube is redistributed.

3. pipe blockage caused by improper mix proportion of concrete

Even if the engineering task is demanding, but also pay attention to the correctness of the concrete mix, otherwise the plugging will affect the efficiency.

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