How to operate the concrete boom pump safely

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Concrete boom pump must be used in strict compliance with the following safety procedures:
1, sandstone, cement particle size label and mixture ratio shall meet the requirements of boom pump pumpability.When pumping, hopper in the material should be higher than deserves to entry level, prevent the taps into the air.
2,it is strictly prohibited vertical pipe directly attached to the cement pump machine output port, installed in the vertical tube erected the length of not less than 10m horizontal tube, the horizontal tube near the boom pump should be installed check valve. When laying down the inclined pipe, the lower end should be fitted with a horizontal tube, the length of which is at least five times the inclination of the high difference, otherwise the organic elbow and so on.
3, the concrete pumping equipment should be placed with the edge of the pit to maintain a certain distance.
4,the pumping work should be continuous operation, must be suspended when the best in 5-10 minutes, winter 3-5 minutes pumping time. If you stop for a long time and then pump, should be anti-pump one or two times, and then feed. When pumping the hopper should maintain a certain amount of concrete, not breathing empty.
5,the concrete pump truck legs should be fully extended and support solid, not support the cloth before the rope can not start. When the cloth rod is extended, it should be carried out in sequence. It is strictly forbidden to lift or drag objects with cloth rods.
6,when trailer concrete pump operation is completed, the hopper and the pipeline must be all the concrete output, and then the concrete pump, hopper, pipe cleaning. When the pipe is flushed with compressed air, the front end of the pipe shall not stand in the front 10M, and the foam rubber and gravel particles collected from the metal basket shall be used.

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