How to avoid boom breaking of boom pump

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The fracture of the boom of boom pump is the most unwilling situation for everyone. It will cause many losses. Then how can you maximize the service life of your concrete boom pump? Here are some practical suggestions from the professional concrete pump truck manufacturer.
The fastening of boom pump connections should be inspected regularly.

1. Concrete pump trucks should regularly check whether the connecting bolts, fastening bolts, nuts, pins, etc. are loosened. If loosening is found, tighten with a torque wrench according to the torque provided in the table below.
2. Especially the bolts of the slewing bearing of the concrete pump truck bear huge alternating loads, so the original preloading moment will be lost after several hours of operation. Torsion wrench must be used regularly to pre-tighten the bolt. The boom of concrete pump truck must be placed on the bracket to check the pre-tightening torque, so as to eliminate the axial force on the slewing support. The new boom pump truck must be inspected after working 100 hours, and every 500 hours in the future.
Attention should be paid to the connection between mounting and chassis of concrete boom pump
1. Connect the front and rear axles of the pump chassis with the drive box, check whether the connecting flange is loose or not, and check the fixed bolts of the drive box.
2. The stability of some connecting bolts and seals.
3. Whether there are cracks in the support seat of concrete pump truck's arm, we should focus on checking the slewing support and the integrity of the reverse gear.
It is very important to correct the cracks in the structural parts of concrete pump boom
1. Structural components such as booms, legs and chassis bearings may crack due to the concentration of partial stress, oxidation corrosion and fatigue of some structural components after a period of time due to variable load bearing during operation. Users must inspect the weld seam of the boom and other structural parts after 300 hours of operation of the boom pump truck.
2. Cracks in structural parts of boom concrete pump truck can be corrected. We should find out in time and deal with it as soon as possible. High strength steel is used for the bearing parts such as booms and legs. It can not be welded or perforated at will to change or reduce its strength. If cracks occur, they should be repaired in time.

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