How to carry out long-distance pumping by pump truck

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If we can solve the problems of concrete pump truck in short or long distance pumping, we can save fuel effectively, reduce emissions, reduce costs, and improve the construction efficiency of the pump truck.
How does the pump truck carry out long-distance pumping?

Concrete mixer with pump long-distance pumping chooses to use all booms, while short-distance pumping chooses to use some booms. This method of selecting boom according to pumping distance can not only give full play to the existing pumping capacity of concrete pump truck, but also select part of boom according to local conditions according to the characteristics of short-distance pumping construction, effectively reduce the boom height and pipe length.
When the truck-mounted concrete pump carries out long-distance pumping, a series of problems will arise relatively, such as large engine load, high fuel consumption and more emissions; high pressure and oil temperature of the hydraulic system of the concrete boom pump; high pressure and wear of the pumping system. In order to avoid excessive waste, the long-distance pumping mode of concrete pump truck can be improved.
At the end of the expanded part of the boom pump, the concrete is pumped out from the additional discharge hose by means of the pipeline switching device. The solution can effectively reduce the height and length of boom when pumping truck, and achieve the purpose of saving. However, the pipe switching device and discharge hose added to the crooked part of the end boom have a great influence on the stress of the concrete pump truck boom. And the operation is difficult, the structure is complex and the practicability is poor.

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