Field operation requirements for concrete pump truck

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Field operation requirements for concrete pump truck:

1. Concrete pump truck drivers and operators must be trained, qualified, licensed and on-duty, have more than three years of similar vehicle operation experience.

2, strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations.

3. For the convenience of management, the concrete boom pump truck is made of one vehicle and two persons who are responsible for the daily maintenance, maintenance and use of the concrete pump truck. No one can change the vehicle without permission from the company leader.

4. Drivers and operators must unconditionally obey the dispatching arrangement, arrive at the construction site according to the time stipulated in the task list, check the topographic branches of the construction site, and do a good job of preparation for concrete pump truck before pumping.

5. After the concrete delivery pump truck enters the construction site, the operator actively contacts the construction site, inquires about the pouring position and pouring sequence of the concrete and the preparation of the construction site, contacts with the dispatch in time, and transports the concrete to the site on time.

6. Actively cooperate with the construction unit, obey the leadership of the construction unit, and complete the pouring task according to the requirements and pouring sequence of the construction unit.

7. Drivers of concrete delivery concrete mixer truck should correct their service attitude and avoid conflicts and fights with construction workers.

8. When the site pouring sequence does not conform to the safety operation rules of the pump truck, should contact the person in charge of the construction unit, seriously and patiently explain the relevant procedures and concrete pump truck safety operation rules. The construction unit is required to change the construction plan or notify the relevant leaders of the company to coordinate the solution.

9. When pouring concrete, pouring shall be carried out in strict accordance with the construction procedure required by the construction unit, and pouring shall be carried out smoothly under the condition of ensuring the safety of the construction personnel. Minimize the intensity of construction personnel.

10. Pushing the slurry overflowing from the reverse pump with the concrete plugging pump, we should actively cooperate with the construction unit to clean up the slurry in time, and strive to make the finished material clear and keep the construction site clean.

11. Controlling the flow of concrete as far as possible when pouring independent foundation and foundation beam, so as not to waste and scatter ash.

12, enter the construction site must wear safety helmet, do not violate the rules and regulations, do not bring disease operation.

13. After the concrete is poured, the remaining concrete in the mixing hopper can be brought back with the consent of the construction unit. If the construction unit needs to be discharged to the designated place of the construction unit, it must not be dumped at will.

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