Maintenance the boom of isuzu concrete pump truck

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Strength and performance of the boom is also a very important factor to determine the quality of a isuzu concrete pump truck, but when the boom pump works, the boom will withstand the strain from all sides, which will lead to fatigue deformation of the steel boom, so that the boom of the pump truck cracks, and even serious safety accidents, therefore, in the daily use of the pump truck, right. The maintenance of the boom is very important.

1. Lubricating oil is injected into each lubricating point of the boom regularly, and special grease is used for the boom of concrete boom pump to ensure its good working performance.
2. The bolt fasteners and nuts are regularly strengthened by the torque wrench, and the bolts are strengthened by the torque fixed by each bolt. If the bolts and nuts are replaced, please replace them according to the same specifications, including the strength levels of bolts and nuts.
3. The balance valve of the boom cylinder is easy to be blocked because of excessive impurities in the hydraulic oil. Therefore, the replacement of the hydraulic oil of the boom pump should follow the normal maintenance process of the pump truck.
4. Please use the original specifications of the pump pipe, because the quality of outside the pump pipe material is not up to standard, only can increase the thickness of the pump pipe to improve its anti-wear energy, but this will certainly increase the weight of the same length of the pump pipe, which will cause a second load on the boom, affecting the service life of the boom,.Therefore, The original pump should be the best.

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