Design and construction characteristics of concrete truck bo

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The concrete truck boom has solved the problems of limited site, limited power consumption, rugged mountain roads, diversified climate and extremely diversified topography in rural construction. The main oil pump, circuit board and valve group of concrete boom pump used by concrete boom pump manufacturer usually do not produce by themselves, but adopt world famous brand. As a result, the durability of concrete transfer pump has been improved a lot, the failure rate has been significantly reduced, and the overall reliability has been improved a lot.

The shape design of concrete boom pump machine is very reasonable, usually streamlined or droplet design. This novel design not only makes the appearance more coordinated, but also makes the layout more compact and reasonable. It is completely different from the traditional heavy equipment, which is redundant and complex, and the overall tightness is greatly improved. This makes the concrete pump truck have the conditions to adapt to various terrain environments.

The selection of motor for concrete pump boom is a key point, because the motor unit is often the part of failure rate. In order to solve the problem of inconvenience in maintenance and after-sale in rural areas, concrete boom pump usually uses well-known high-end brand motor, which is not only safe and reliable, but also the boom pump manufacturers are confident to give life-long maintenance commitment. SG1000 or HG700 high strength alloy steel tubes are commonly used in concrete boom pumps for township areas. Concrete boom pumps are all integral precision casting, and concrete is not easy to accumulate.  boom pumps are more convenient for cleaning.

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