Analysis and removal common faults of boom pump

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The operator of boom pump must maintain according to the maintenance and maintenance manual of pump truck, and carry out preventive maintenance before equipment maintenance, in order to achieve the stable state of the whole machine performance, which is of great significance to ensure the smooth progress of construction.

The following lists some common faults in the use of concrete boom pump trucks. Users can refer to them for quick judgment and troubleshooting to avoid delays in construction.

Common failures of main pumping system:

Main cylinder piston does not move

Possible Cause Analysis: Pumping Start, Button Wiring Falling off; Intermediate Relay Burning; Electromagnetic Commutation Valve Failure, generally for the electromagnet burning out; Main Pump displacement adjustment knob adjustment is inappropriate; Hydraulic oil in tank is too little; Filter core is seriously blocked; Control oil throttle blocking; Main cylinder is not commutated, Possible Cause Analysis: Electromagnetic Commutation Valve burned out; Near the bottom of the switch is oil. Adhesion of grease or other objects causes short circuit and clears the bottom of the switch.

When the load on the part is higher than the average design load, its wear will increase. In addition, when other conditions are the same, the wear and tear of the stable load is smaller than that of the dynamic load, with fewer faults and lower service life.

The test results show that the wear of the cylinder will increase by two times when the engine works under unstable load compared with that under steady load. The engine working under normal load has lower failure rate and longer service life. On the contrary, the failure rate of the over-loaded engine increases obviously, and the service life of the engine decreases compared with the design index. The mechanical wear amount which is often in large range of load variation is larger than that of continuous and stable working machinery. Generally speaking, the engine life of the generator is longer than that of the bulldozer and excavator.

Ensuring normal working load mainly depends on the operator's use of construction machinery. We should pay attention to the fact that we can't work under the loads that exceed the mechanical capacity. We should use the machinery as far as we can.

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