The hydraulic system of trailer concrete pump

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The hydraulics are actually pretty easy .Maybe you think trailer concrete pumps are a maze of hydraulic technology. There are many separate components that all must function properly in order to do the simple task of a piston moving and pushing concrete through a pipe. But begin to know about follow me,you can get it easily.
The basic system is comprised of a pump to move the fluid, a motor or cylinder that does the work, a reservoir to store fluid and a power source that drives the pump. The magic is in the control devices that direct the pump, the cylinder, the tank, and the motor to do what is needed at the appropriate time. Lets look at pumps first.
There are several types of hydraulic concrete pump that we may see in our machines. Usually they are either gear type or axial piston pumps, the later being the most common in concrete pumps. A gear pump is exactly what it sounds like, a set of gears that mesh in a housing with passages and ports to direct the fluid under the pressure created by the turning gears that capture and expel the fluid under pressure. These pumps are not usually found in a place where hi-volume is required, as they are better at producing hi-pressure. Gear pumps are also pretty dependable and have a long service life.
Another thing it to detection of hydraulic system:
1. To check whether the hydraulic line is leaking oil
If there is oil leaking, you need to tighten the parts. But it tightening doesn’t work, you had better change related components instead. For cement pump machine, it is more important to check the bolts of high pressure pipeline in time.
2. To check the temperature of hydraulic oil
A. When hydraulic oil temperature is between 40 and 70 centigrade, you need to check the the thermometer on hydraulic oil tank. If the ambient temperature is under 30 centigrade with a well-ventilated environment and the radiator is opening, it is deviant to have a oil temperature of more than 70 centigrade. It means that the hydraulic system of ready mix concrete pump breaks down. You have to deal with oil overheating at first.
B. When refueling for the first time, do not forget to detect the oil amount of oil level indicator, which is installed in hydraulic oil tank. When the oil level decreased to a low level, you need to fill it in time.
C. To check quality of hydraulic oil
You can check its quality by observing the color. If the hydraulic oil becomes opaque and the color is changed, it is a indication to change hydraulic oil.

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