Could Concrete Pump Boom Be Used For High-rise Fire

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Are you good at thinking? Do you know the concrete pump boom? Do you know how long is the longest arm length of a concrete pump boom? Have you ever thought about concrete pump boom be used for high-rise fire?
Preceding period of time saw a CCTV program which instruction construction of a concrete pump boom, which is now the construction of high-rise buildings with the concrete will be transported to the top of the building in the building, then introduced the program, the power of the pump can be sent to the concrete The height of hundreds of floors. Moreover, when the water in the program demonstrated the power of the pump, the water can be sprayed to 100 outside.
In some cases the fire let us see the lack of fire power, the face of high-rise powerless.Then ,could concrete pump boom be used for high-rise fire?
Concrete pump is divided into two kinds, one is the concrete pump boom, at present, Haomei Machinery Equipment Co., LTD concrete pump boom longest arm length of 40 meters, according to the experiment proved to be impossible.
The other is a trailer concrete pump, in the high-level construction, the need for a root pipe connection, pipe connection, the pipeline needs to be fixed on the building wall, time-consuming. Pipe outlet concrete or water does not form a pressure jet. And the pipe is steel material, with a clamp connection, do not have the flexibility.
But we are harvested, according to the situation of concrete pump boom, we can determine the distance from the concrete or water delivery is not the key to the equipment, but the performance of the pumping mechanism, the current performance of the best pumping mechanism , Should be a hydraulic piston pump, concrete machinery is used in hydraulic piston pump, fire truck may also be pumping mechanism.
on the contrary, as long as there is a strong enough pumping mechanism, with the fire pipe connection, plus the lift, than with steel materials connected to the pipeline, its flexibility and portability, are greatly improved.

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