The Basic Structure Of Hydraulic Pump Concrete Mixer

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Hydraulic pump concrete mixer is a kind of will be used in pumping concrete pumping mechanism and used in the boom system integration of cloth on the chassis of the equipment.
The basic structure of hydraulic pump concrete mixer.
Hydraulic pump concrete mixer mainly consists of chassis, boom system, turret, chassis, pumping system, hydraulic system and electrical system composed of seven parts.
Chassis with the car chassis, transfer case and drive shaft and other components, mainly for the pump to move and work to provide power.
The boom system consists of a boom, a connecting rod, a boom system, and a piping attached to a boom. It is mainly used for concrete fabrics.
The turret consists of turntable, rotary mechanism, fixed turret (connecting frame) and supporting structure, etc., for hydraulic pump concrete mixer vehicle support and drive boom +360 degrees rotation.
The pumping system consists of the main cylinder, the water tank, the conveying cylinder, the concrete piston, the hopper, the S valve assembly, the swing mechanism, the stirring mechanism, the discharge port, the piping and so on, for the concrete pumping along the conveying pipeline to the pouring on site.
Hydraulic system is mainly composed of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, valve group, accumulator, piping system and other hydraulic components and other components. The hydraulic system is divided into two parts: pumping hydraulic system and boom hydraulic system. Among them, the pumping hydraulic system includes the main pumping oil system, the distribution valve system, the mixing oil system and the pump oil system. The hydraulic system consists of three parts: boom system, leg oil system and rotary oil system.
The electrical system is the nerve center of the hydraulic pump concrete mixer. It is mainly composed of controller, display, remote control and other electrical components. All the instructions of the concrete pump are controlled by the electric system.
The chassis part includes the auxiliary beam, the table, the main support and other auxiliary structural parts.

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