How to Solve Pipe Blockage of Concrete Trailer Boom Pump

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  Pipe plugging happens a lot with concrete boom pumps. The cause for pipe blockage is hindered movement of some aggregates which further reduces the movement speed of subsequent aggregates and eventually leads to gathering of aggregates in a section of the pipe. In this way, the aggregate density increases and blockage occurs. All blockage happens in such a way, but the variation of its location make differences in solutions.

  Feeding Pipe Blockage

  The pumping action and hydraulic system are normal. There are no abnormal sounds or vibrations, but large aggregate or agglomeration appears.

  In such a case, you need to run the pump in reverse to destroy the agglomeration, send the commercial concrete back to the hopper, and then pump it forward. If it does not work, the blockage needs to be manually cleaned up and eliminated.
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  Distribution Valve Outlet Blockage

  The action of the pumping system suddenly stops with an abnormal noise and strong vibrations of the concrete trailer boom pump, but there was no corresponding vibration in the pipeline.

  The solution is as below. Pour 15 ~ 30L of cement slurry into the hopper to force the passage to open. If this method is not effective, it can only be eliminated manually. Remove the connecting pipe and remove the debris in the valve.

  S-pipe Valve Blockage

  The clogging at the valve of the S pipe is gradually formed. The main reason is that after the commercial concrete is pumped, it is not flushed with high pressure water in time, which causes the commercial concrete to remain in the S pipe.

  To solve such a problem, you need to flush the pump body and S pipe with high pressure water every time after the pumping work. If rinsing is not effective enough, you can use tapping to remove the residue until it is completely clean.

  Concrete Pipeline Blockage

  When the conveying pressure gradually increases, the hopper material level does not drop, and neither does the pipe outlet discharge. The pump vibrates accompanied by accompanied by strong vibration and displacement of the pipe.

  Blocked parts might be curved, tapered or areas with vibration. At this time, you can use a small hammer to hit along the pipeline. Blockage parts give dull sounds while normal parts give crisp sounds. Sometimes just listening helps. Parts with a rustle sound are normal and harsh sounds blocked.

  When a pipe blockage occurs, you should have the concrete pump run forwardly and reversely repeatedly until the commercial concrete at the pump outlet is gradually sucked back into the hopper. You can also combine this with the tapping method to solve the problem in a more efficient way.

  These are reasons and solutions to pipe blockage of a concrete trailer boom pump. Hope it’s helpful.

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