Cement pumping machine price

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  The cement pumping machine price is not a stable figure, but a list of figures corresponding to different configurations a pump might have. The price disparity of two machines might be thousands of dollars at least, for it depends on various factors such as the type, cylinder diameter, power type, power, capacity and so on.

  Cement pumps are also known as concrete pumps. They are divided into trailer pumps, truck mounted pumps, mixer pumps, boom pumps and pump trucks. Pump trucks are the most expensive, and few purchasers consider them unless they have to. Boom pumps are suitable for construction of tall buildings, cheaper than pump trucks but still not affordable to some buyers. Truck mounted pumps have similar functions with trailer pumps, but more costly. If you need only to pump the cement or concrete, trailer pumps are the best choice in either function or price. If you need pumping and mixing, then choose a concrete mixer pump, which is a little more expensive, but acts as a real concrete batching plant.
cement pumping machines of different types

  Power, power type and cylinder diameter are all related to the engine of a cement pumping machine. Diesel and electric pumps are available. And cylinder diameter are further up to the size of aggregates you will pump. The bigger the aggregate size, the larger the diameter, and the dearer the concrete pump machine. Generally speaking, bigger diameters need to be pumped by stronger engines, which leads to cost increase in the engine. Capacity proves to be the most obvious factor influencing cement pumping machine price, for it usually matches the engine model directly, unless you need to customize, which is quite common indeed. If you want standard configuration, larger capacities mean more money.

  In addition to the elements above, some seemingly minor factors impact the price of a cement pump, too. For example, if you will use the machine in extremely cold conditions, you will have to need protection equipment against coldness. This is an extra cost. Therefore, please communicate with your supplier thoroughly so that they would be able to offer you a cost efficient configuration.

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