Pneumatic cement pumping machine working principle

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  A pneumatic cement pumping machine is compact pump using compressed air as its power. The cylinder and the grouting cylinder of the pump have a larger area ratio, so that the cylinder can produce a higher injection pressure with a smaller air pressure. Such a small cement pumping equipment is composed of a pipe frame, cylinders, pistons, end covers, connection boxes, hydraulic cylinders, slurry inlet and outlet cylinders, reversing valves and some auxiliary parts. Small and mobile, the pump can be placed right on the flat ground while working. The quick plug connector is connected to the suction and discharge pipe, which has a strong seal; the pumping speed can be adjusted by adjusting the flow of the compressed air; the pneumatic motor drives three piston pumps.
pneumatic cement pumping machine

  The working principle of a pneumatic cement machine is as below. The compressed air passes through the ball valve to the water separator in the double body, and the purified gas is sent to the fixed-value pressure regulator. A barometer is installed in between to observe the inlet pressure and judge the water separator. Whether the filter cup is blocked or not, it can also be judged whether the pressure regulating valve is working normally. The pressure gauge on the pressure regulating valve indicates the output gas pressure after pressure regulation, and passes through the oil mister in the double body to the two-position five-way reversing valve and the stroke valve. The dial on the cylinder rod moves the stroke valve, and the stroke valve controls the reversing valve to change the direction of the air, pushing the cylinder piston to reciprocate, and the exhaust gas from the cylinder is discharged into the atmosphere through the muffler. The pneumatic cement pumping machine cylinder piston pull rod directly pushes the liquid cylinder piston, and completes the suction and discharge of the slurry through the slurry inlet and discharge valve. The slurry passes through the mixer and the grouting nozzle, and is pressed into the hole of the well wall and spreads into the cracks of the rock formation.

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