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  The glass plate and cutting ring are wearing parts of a cement mixer and pumping machine. Generally speaking, you should check the gap between the plate and the ring after the pump delivered over 300m3 concrete. If the gap is over 2mm wide, you should consider adjusting the distance. If, however, the plate and the ring has been worn, you should consider replacing them with new ones. The detailed steps are as below.

  How to Adjust the Distance

  1. Clean the material S pipe valve of a cement pumping machine with mixer.

  2. Unscrew the stop screw.
a cement mixer and pumping machine

  3. Tighten the special-shaped bolts.

  4. Pull the S tube to the rear wall of the hopper to reduce the gap between the cutting ring and the glasses plate.

  5. Screw on the stop screw.

  How to Replace Glass Plate and Cutting Ring

  1. Replacement of cutting ring of a cement mixer and pumping machine. Turn off the motor and take out the hopper screen. Loosen the special-shaped bolt by 20mm. Please do not loosen too much. Otherwise, when the S tube moves back, the bearing fitting position will exit from the bearing sleeve, which will damage the seals and fail to seal the mortar, which will affect the service life of the S tube. Remove the outlet, pry the S tube in the direction of the outlet so that the gap between the cutting ring and the glasses plate is about 20mm, and then take out the cutting ring. Check whether the rubber spring installed is damaged, if yes, please replace it at the same time. Otherwise, you should install a new cutting ring for the concrete mixer pump.

  Replacement of the glasses plate of a cement pumping machine and mixer. Repeat the process of replacing the cutting ring, unscrew all the mounting bolts of the glasses plate, and take out the glasses plate after a little vibration. Otherwise, install a new spectacle plate.

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