32 meter concrete pump truck price

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  The price of a 32 meter concrete pump truck depends on its brand and configuration. You should learn details of a pump first. Famous brands cost more, like Sany and Zoomline. They sell not only pump trucks but also service. Some suppliers might be less known, but provide equally reliable pumps. Take Haomei for example. We have developed a dual-power 32-meter pump truck adopting a dual-drive form of diesel engine and generator. Sufficient power supply helps save fuel consumption, yet in cases when electricity is not available or insufficient, the diesel engine works to make sure that the concrete pumping is carried out normally. Of course, the price for such a machine is higher than those with only one type of driving power.
32 meter concrete pump truck

  The 32 meter concrete pump truck price ranges roughly between $40,000 to $60,000 per set. This is price for a common truck rather than a special one. Generally, if the 32-meter pump truck is calculated according to the extension boom, it can hit at least 15 to 20 floors. It can not only build houses, but also build roads, bridges, etc., featured by strong adaptability. When you use a 32m pump truck, you should first prepare the sand, aggregate and cement according to the standard proportions. Then the feeding device automatically feeds the mixed concrete dry material into the double-horizontal shaft forced mixing tank. The truck automatically adds water for forced mixing. Mixed concrete is automatically transported through the shoe material mouth to the pumping hopper and then to the pump pipe. At last, the boom mechanism drives the boom to arrange the concrete in the designated position by rotating, raising and lowering. Haomei 32m concrete pump truck lasts at least ten years in full-time work everyday.

  If you need to learn a specific price for the 32 meter concrete pump truck, welcome to contact us, as the price fluctuates day by day.

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