HBT60 cement pumping machine features and price

Posted On: 22/04/2021 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

  An HBT60 cement pumping machine has a theoretical pumping capacity of 60m3/h. There are two types of pumping cylinders available: Ф125 and Ф150. The maximum aggregate size for them is respectively 40mm and 50mm. Purchasers can choose a suitable diameter based on their practical needs. The hopper volume is 800L and the feeding height 1290mm. The pump is normally equipped with an electric motor. If you need a diesel motor, it’s available, too. Four fifths of the pump’s components are of word-famous brand so as to guarantee high reliability in performance.
An HBT60 cement pumping machine

  Haomei HBT69 cement pumping machines have the following 6 advantages over our competitors.

  1. Lower cost of concrete pumping: the reversing valve is eliminated between the main pump and the pumping cylinder, the system generates less heat and energy loss;

  2. Longer service life of the main pump: The main pump of the HBT60 cement pump machine is a closed-loop concrete axial piston pump, which has a longer service life than an open pump. The piston pump is more durable than a gear pump. Reduce maintenance costs.

  3. More reliable and powerful reversing system: The S swing tube reverses quickly and powerfully at any flow rate.

  4. Anti-blocking pipe function: The distribution valve adopts S-type valve, and the gap between the glasses plate and the floating ring is automatically compensated, which completely eliminates the phenomenon of slurry leakage and reduces the possibility of pipe blockage.

  5. The perfect protection system prevents the engine stalling, excessive energy consumption of the engine due to pipe blockage, engine pumping at low speed, oil pump damaged, etc.

  6. The power configuration can be highly selective. Different power configurations can be adopted according to user requirements. Motors can be selected from 55kW, 75kW, 90kW, and 110kW. The pump is suitable for different working environments, such as plateaus, deserts, tunnels and other special occasions.

  The price for a Haomei HBT60 cement pumping machine ranges between $5000 to $7000 per set. Generally speaking, the diesel pump is more expensive than the electric type. And specific prices are also based on the models of configuration you need. For example, a Ф125mm cylinder is cheaper than a Ф150mm one, and a 55kw motor cheaper than a 90kw one. Welcome to send details for a price!

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