What Is A Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Posted On: 27/03/2017 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

Truck-mounted concrete pump is fully mechanized construction, the hydraulic feeding, concrete mixing, pumping, walking in one, the construction process is simple and efficient, the forklift will be gravel shovel shovel, double horizontal shaft mixer mixing sand, through the pump tube Pumping concrete to the floor. Labor intensity is low, the construction efficiency, safety has been greatly improved! The concrete pump is a pipeline through the pipeline pump concrete machinery equipment, compared to the old old mixer work efficiency, but also saves manpower, the scope of the contract Widely, in the past can not pick up the project with a concrete pump can easily get, at the same time, the concrete pump a little bigger project, complex projects can contract.
Truck-mounted concrete pump have wide range of applications, such as: small and medium sized floor building, tunnel, highway, rail, new rural and urban infrastructure. At the same time, the small truck-mounted concrete pump is designed for small civil since the building construction, a special machine for concrete conveying.Its high degree of automation, high construction efficiency, low failure rate.

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