What are the connection modes of concrete pump

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Concrete pump is a kind of construction equipment used to transport concrete, but in various types of concrete pump, in addition to concrete boom pumps, other concrete pumps need manual pipe placement to transport concrete. What are the connection modes between concrete pump and pipeline?

Concrete pump is also known as tower concrete pump, which includes boom pump, Trailer concrete pump, vehicle concrete pump, truck mounted concrete pump, mixing one vehicle pump. In so many concrete pumps, boom pumps can be used without pipe laying because of boom, while tractor pumps, truck pumps, mixer-in-one tractor pumps and mixer-in-one truck pumps need manual pipe laying during construction. According to different engineering conditions, pipelines and linking modes of pipelines are also different. Now let's introduce the connection mode between concrete pump and pipeline.
1, direct connection
This connection is a straight line between the conveyor pipe and the concrete pump. Its characteristic is that when the direct connection is adopted, the resistance of the pump is smaller, but the reaction force of the concrete pump is larger at this time.
2, L shape connection
The connection mode is that the outlet of the pump is connected with the conveyor pipe through a 90 degree elbow, so that the conveyor pipe is perpendicular to the concrete conveyor pump. It should be pointed out that using L-shaped connection, the pumping resistance and the reaction force of the pump are between the two cases mentioned above, but the concrete pump will produce transverse vibration.
3, U type connection
The connection mode is 180 degree connection. The pump outlet is connected with the conveyor pipe through two 90 degree elbows. The pump resistance of U-connection is larger, but the reaction force of concrete conveyor pump is smaller.

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