How to adjust pumping displacement of concrete pump truck

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In the course of using concrete pump truck, it is often necessary to adjust the pumping speed according to different construction conditions. How to correctly adjust the pumping volume of concrete pump truck in the actual operation process. Generally speaking, in order to change the pumping displacement, the following ways are usually adopted:
I. Engine Speed Regulation
Adjust the engine speed to change the displacement of the main pump, resulting in the change of the pump speed, to achieve pump displacement control. The change of engine speed also changes the movement speed of the distribution rod, which may become an irreconcilable contradiction in construction.
II. Mechanical Regulation

By changing the opening size of throttle valve manually, the trailer concrete pump displacement can be changed. The advantage is low cost, but the disadvantage is that it must be adjusted manually on the vehicle. For remote control operation far away from the small mitsubishi concrete pump, it is inconvenient to drive, and the adjustment accuracy is low.
3. Electronically Controlled Proportional Valve Regulation
1. Output PWM signal of wireless remote controller directly drives displacement control proportional valve
The PWM signal of the wireless remote controller output 200-600 mA directly drives the displacement control proportional valve, realizes stepless speed regulation of the pump displacement, overcomes the problem that the mechanical regulation mode can not achieve long-distance control. The disadvantage is that once the remote controller fails, the pump displacement regulation can not be realized in the control panel.
2. Output PWM signal of proportional amplifier board drives displacement control proportional valve
Through the switch (remote control/panel control), it is easy to adjust the input end of the proportional amplifier board by the wireless remote controller or control panel. The output of the proportional amplifier board is 200-600 mA PWM signal to drive the displacement control proportional valve.
To sum up, the proportional valve driven by the PWM signal of the proportional amplifier board can change the mode of pump displacement control, which not only overcomes the disadvantage of inconvenient adjustment of mechanical mode, but also flexibly realizes the conversion control between the wireless remote controller and the control panel, realizes the stepless speed regulation of concrete mixer pump displacement, which is more in line with the requirements of actual construction.

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