What are Advantages of Small Concrete Pump For Sale

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Haomei small concrete pump for sale integrates high reliability, high economy, high safety, and high durability. The chassis, power, electric control, hydraulic pressure, and pumping systems are reasonably matched. The boom is flexible and fast, the outriggers occupy a small space, and the width of the vehicle is 2.3 meters, and the passability is excellent.

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Performance of small concrete pump

Chassis and power system

It is strong bearing capacity, good power performance and low fuel consumption. And it can also be equipped with independent power or chassis power. The independent power of the upper body can achieve fuel saving, reduce energy consumption, and facilitate maintenance.

Pumping system

It adopts full hydraulic control hydraulic system. The oil pressure transmission signal makes the operation more simple and reliable, increases the reversing speed of the swing cylinder, and reduces the reversing impact. At the same time, the momentary action of the large oil cylinder reversing is accelerated, which can fill the concrete cylinder, making the material continuous and evenly discharged.

Boom and outrigger hydraulic system

The boom adopts a load-sensitive proportional control system, which makes the boom run at a free speed and has excellent operating performance. It can not only realize infinitely variable speed remote control, but also realize emergency manual operation in emergency situations


The small boom pump truckis a kind of concrete equipment that can use its own boom to distribute materials. Because of its own boom, it saves the process of taking over and dismantling pipes, making the construction process more streamlined and greatly reducing the intensity of workers' construction.

The concrete boom truck has quick transition, convenient material distribution, flexible and fast boom stretching, greatly reducing the labor level and saving labor costs. Haomei small pump truck boom lubrication system adopts automatic multi-point lubrication technology, effectively prolonging the service life of wearing parts.

Compared with other large-scale concrete machinery, the small concrete boom truck occupies a small space, which is more convenient for the smooth construction in narrow areas. More importantly, it is easy to operate and the process is streamlined. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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