Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Action Is Greater

Posted On: 29/03/2017 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

Truck mounted concrete pump action is greater than the concrete mixer with pump.Why is it?
Trailer concrete pump without mixing system, need to configure the drum mixer or forced mixer, and need to transport the concrete mixer to the construction site, concrete mixer with pump to the construction site, and then let concrete mixer with pump docking, transport, loading and unloading, high cost. And stir the concrete mixer with pump directly transported to the construction site like, simple and easy, do not need extra cost.
In the staff ratio: driving a pump driver one person, driving pump a person, open the mixer staff one person, the mixer installed cement artificial at least two people; lucky stone, sand small loader to two, cloth pipe staff at least two people, the whole construction at least nine or more staff.
However,the truck mounted concrete pump, stirring, pumping concrete can be achieved in one step only one person remote control operation like a person into the hopper into the cement (depending on the actual needs), the two pumped to the construction site of concrete ramming, the whole construction only four or five people in the staff ratio less than half, to save a lot of labor costs. (A worker's daily wage is about 200, that is to say with the mixing car pump than with the mixer + car pump can save thousands of dollars per day labor costs).
At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with diesel-powered design mode, so that the equipment can use both power and diesel to provide power, double choice, truck mounted concrete pump action is greater than the concrete mixer with pump.

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