The pouring requirements for concrete boom pump

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The pouring requirements for concrete boom pump:
The performance of the concrete boom pump is random and different. In addition, the type and structure of the building, the construction technical requirements, the site conditions and the surrounding environment should be considered.

The concrete pump trailer has the flexibility to win, and the higher the height of the boom pump arm, the greater the height of the pouring and the radius of the material, the stronger the adaptability of the construction. The high arm frame commodity concrete pump should be chosen as far as possible in the construction. The commercial concrete pump with a length of 28 ~ 36m has a large volume of products in the market, accounting for about 75%. The long boom commercial concrete pump will become the main type of construction. In addition, because of the limitation of the bearing capacity of the commercial concrete pump, the cost of the arm height exceeding 42m increases greatly and is limited by the construction site space, so it is usually seldom chosen.
The quantity of concrete delivery pump can be calculated according to the volume of concrete pouring, the actual conveying volume of single machine and the time of construction operation.
The product performance of concrete pump boom should be high starting point when selecting type. If the high value coagulant upper arm pump truck is selected, the standard requirement for its product must also be improved. The quality of the main components of the product, from internal quality to appearance quality, must be compatible with the high value of the vehicle.
The concrete pump truck adopts all hydraulic technology. Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether the hydraulic technology is advanced and how the quality of the hydraulic components is originated from the motor. In addition to the performance and quality of the engine, the performance, carrying capacity and quality of the chassis must be considered.
The operation control system on the concrete pump trailer is equipped with manual, wired and wireless control methods. The wired control is convenient and flexible, the wireless remote control can be operated in a long distance. If the circuit fails, the manual operation can be used.

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