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The engine temperature of concrete pump truck needs to be controlled. Generally, the general reason for the easy overheating of the engine in summer is that the maintenance is not in place, such as the loss of liquid of the engine coolant or the decrease of the efficiency of heat dissipation. It is mainly through maintenance and maintenance to ensure the quality and quantity of the engine coolant of the concrete pump boom, to clean the surface of the radiator and to ensure the normal operation of the engine heat dissipation system.

The cement pump truck prevents the hydraulic oil working temperature too high. The ambient temperature in summer is close to the normal working temperature limit of the hydraulic system of the concrete pump, so the pumping work will inevitably cause the rapid rise of the hydraulic oil temperature. Higher temperature will cause the viscosity of hydraulic oil to drop, resulting in worse lubrication. At the same time, the hydraulic system components tend to increase in the amount of interference under the action of thermal expansion and cold contraction, resulting in the wear of components. Therefore, under high temperature environment, we must strictly control the working temperature of hydraulic oil.

The proper use of the coolant for the piston of the concrete mixer pump:

In the washing room of pumping unit, there should be plenty of piston coolant. The piston coolant mainly has three functions: cleaning and lubricating the piston and conveying cylinder; reducing the temperature of hydraulic oil through the conduction of the main cylinder rod; cooling the concrete piston to reduce the interference between the piston and the cylinder, thus reducing the wear between the piston and the conveyer cylinder.

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