The displacement control of trailer concrete pump

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According to the different working conditions of concrete pump truck, the pumping speed is regulated. There are several following methods to displacement control of trailer concrete pump :

1, the mechanical regulation of the trailer concrete pump

Usually, we change the concrete pump displacement by manually adjusting the throttle valve to change the opening size of the concrete pump. The use of this method is a bit low cost, the disadvantage is that it must be manually adjusted in the car, far from the use of the pump car remote control operation, driving a lot of inconvenience, and low adjustment precision.

2, the engine speed regulation of the concrete pump truck

Adjusting the speed of the engine of the pump truck changes the displacement of the pump's main pump, which leads to the change of the pump speed and the control of the pump displacement. In addition, the change of the engine speed also changes the speed of the material rod, and it may become an incompatible contradiction in the construction.

3, control of the electric control proportional valve

According to the different electric control methods, the following two schemes are adopted to adjust the electric proportional valve of the concrete pump .

1, wireless remote control output PWM signal direct drive volume control proportional valve.

2. Proportional amplifier output PWM signal drive proportional control valve.

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