How to solve motor failures of a cement pump machine

Posted On: 04/06/2020 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

  Reasons for and solutions to pumping failures of a cement pump machine are as below.

  The first reason is that the main motor fails to reach the specified speed. If you press the start button of the main motor, the motor runs, but it fails to reach the specified speed. When the star connection method is converted to the triangle connection method, the automatic shutdown is performed.
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  You should first check whether the normal capacity of the power supply voltage is sufficient (the capacity of the transformer is generally 1.15 times of the calculated load), and then determine whether the wire diameter of the power supply line meets the requirements by calculating and measuring the voltage at the start, Ensure that the voltage drop is within the specified range (the allowable voltage drop on the line is generally no more than 5%). If the voltage drop is too large during starting, increase the diameter properly.

  Improper operation and failure of the hydraulic system can also cause starting difficulties. Before starting the concrete pump machine again, first check whether the operating handle of water pump and anti mixing motor is in the middle position and whether the pumping button is closed. If it can't be started, check whether the electromagnetic lubrication controlling the pressure of the main oil pump is normal to ensure that the main oil pump is in the state of unloading during starting.

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