How to use the concrete pump better

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Concrete pump concrete pouring construction application is very extensive and the moderate price of concrete pump is very popular, then how to make the trailer concrete pump better service for you? You need to know the safe operation rules of concrete pump trucks.

(1) site selection. As far as possible, obstacles such as the high pressure line should be removed.

(2) check before the operation. The power switch of the console should be located in the "off" position; the handle handle of the commercial concrete and the reversing handle of the agitator should be in the middle position.

(3) leg operation. The commercial trailer concrete pump should be placed horizontally, and the supporting ground should be flat and solid, so as to ensure that the working process does not sag. The outrigger can support the whole machine stably and reliably, and can reliably lock it.

(4) the operation of the arm frame of the concrete pump truck. When folding or extending the boom, the boom must be in order. The slewing operation of the boom must be carried out after the boom is completely away from the bracket.

(5) the pumping operation of the concrete pump truck. When the pump is started or stopped, contact the operator at the end hose; the bending radius of the end hose shall not be less than 1m and is not allowed to bend; before the pipe is dismantled, the pump should be reverse pump 2~3, and then the pipe will be dismantled after there is no residual pressure in the pipe.

(6) the examination after the operation. The boom of the concrete pump should be completely retracted on the boom bracket, and the outrigger should also be fully recovered and inserted into the lock pin. The power switch of the console should be in the "off" position.

(7) the concrete pump vehicle accumulator can only rush into nitrogen, and can not rush into oxygen, hydrogen and other inflammable and explosive dangerous gases.

(8) emergency closing button. There are a series of emergency shutoff buttons on the commercial concrete pump. They are set on the leg control valve, the wired and wireless remote control system and the control box. In case of emergency, only one of the emergency closes or the machine can be shut down. If the emergency closing button fails, it will not be able to close the concrete pump machine quickly in case of sudden danger. Therefore, the function of the emergency close button must be checked before starting work.

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