How to solve the problem of boom pump blinding

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Boom pump using concrete transport, not only to reduce costs, but also can save construction time, standardize the construction site, is definitely your preferred choice.But for the construction workers, in the concrete construction process is most afraid of encountering concrete boom pump flow problems, not only affect the construction schedule delay period but also easily lead to construction errors.
How to solve the problem of boom pump blinding?
When the boom pump occurs when the flow can be shortened commutation time, speed up the main cylinder piston in the commutation of the beginning of the operation speed. The use of electrical proportional control of constant power piston pump. The use of increasing the main pump displacement to achieve rapid distribution of the distribution valve to reduce the commutation to the beginning to promote the concrete time. Set the starting and ending point to take the location of the mouth, close to the distance between the switch is usually 5% to 10% of the total stroke, according to the actual situation of concrete pump to do the corresponding adjustments.
Concrete boom pump is a kind of equipment for pipeline transportation. It is used for the mixing and transportation of concrete in the construction of reinforced concrete structure. It is widely used in urban construction and high-rise building construction, tunnel and bridge construction, any inquiry or furthrt cooperation contact us freely .

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