How to Operate 57 Meter Concrete Boom Pump

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Those with a boom length of more than 50 meters can be called "long boom pump trucks". The advantage of long boom pump trucks is that the construction range is larger, which reduces the number of movements during the construction process.

However, as the length of the boom increases, the number of boom sections and the structural form of the boom will become more complex. For pump workers, the operation will be more difficult. It is very different to operate a 57 meter concrete boom pump from a 37 meter concrete pump. What should you know?

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1. Have a good knowledge of the concrete boom pump

The long boom concrete pump truck has a long chassis and long boom, and requires large space to extend its legs. After the length of the chassis is increased, its overall flexibility will decrease; the boom will be longer, and the stability of the boom will definitely become worse when it is working; and the expansion space of the outriggers will be larger, and the requirements for the construction site will naturally be more high. Therefore, long-boom pump trucks have advantages and disadvantages.

For the long boom concrete pump truck operator, in addition to having rich pump truck operating experience, they also need to improve their judgment on external factors that affect the work of long-boom pump trucks.

For example, after arriving at a construction site, you should be able to quickly judge which location is most suitable for supporting the pump, whether there are obstacles around it that will affect the deployment of the boom, whether it will interfere with the tower crane operating at the same time, etc.

Therefore, you need to memorize some basic parameters of a long-boom pump truck, such as the distance between the front legs, the distance between the rear legs, and the distance between the front outriggers and the rear outriggers. Try to ensure that the boom can reach the maximum working range, reduce the number of pump movements, and reduce your own workload.

2. The chassis must be stable and on-site investigation is very important.

If you want the boom to be more stable when working, you must first ensure that the chassis is stable. There are many accidents involving pump trucks tipping over. The root cause is that the chassis is not stable enough. In addition to the factors of the external construction site, it is more important to have reasonable operating specifications. It is strictly prohibited to operate the boom when the chassis legs are not fully extended or the horizontality deviation of the chassis is too large.

3. Boom operation is not about speed, but stability.

The boom will rock left and right when rotating, and the impact force caused by the reversal of the concrete cylinder will cause the boom to rock up and down. Therefore, it is still very difficult to operate the boom accurately. For long-boom pump trucks, boom vibration is even more difficult to control.

Although 360 degree continuous swing boom pump manufacturers will also improve the controllability of the boom, external force majeure, such as wind and the shaking of the hose at the end of the boom, may cause the vibration of the boom to become more uncontrollable, which requires the pump worker's precise control ability to find out the vibration pattern of the boom and ensure the boom not shake violently when controlling the remote control.

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