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The cement pump machine adopt world-level advanced technologies such as open hydraulic loop, distributing valve auto-compensation clearance, constant power control, all-hydraulic automatic reverse and electric proportional control.

The below is the instruction for concrete pump parts:

Power system of concrete pump parts:
1.Using super qualityof Oil pump .
2. Using well-known Diesel Engine (140KW) from China.

Main pumping system of concrete pump parts:
1.Using Master Cylinder
2. Open-loop hydraulic circuit, Big fuel tank capacity (500L), Good performance of heat transfer and low temperature of the system effectively protect the entire hydraulic system to work properly.

Distribution system of concrete pump parts:
1.using the swing cylinder
2. using nested S-tube valve.
3. using special glasses plates of wear-resistant materials, cutting ring.

Mixing system of concrete pump parts:
1. Using cycloid motor.
2. Using super-resistant mixing blade shaft with pedal-style.
3. The hardness of left and right axle HB250-280 after quenched treatment. The thickness of the surface nitride is greater than 0.3mm, and the surface hardness is more than HBT40 cement pump machine .

Cooling and filtration devices of concrete pump parts:
1.Using oil filter . The filtration accuracy of main pump suction filter is 100μm, and the filtration accuracy of the gear pump suction filter is 80μm, and the filtration accuracy of return oil filter is 20μm.
2. Coolers from airline products are of reliable quality and good heat dissipation.

Hydraulic piping and valve of concrete pump parts:
1. Using imported Italian Ercolina tubing and fittings with good pressure resistance and anti-aging performance.
2. Using hydraulic control valve from the Italian company Atos ,which is a unit of the hydraulic system to ensure long-term stability

Electronic control systems of concrete pump parts:
1. Using Omron programmable controller (PLC) and Mitsubishi's open space. It has the advantages of movement control accuracy, long life and low failure.
2.Using Schneider AC contactors and control buttons (contact).
3. Using Omron's integrated power supply and relay.
4.Using GSK proximity switches from Germany.
5.Using use NEC hydraulic table.

This trailer concrete pump widely used for the construction works in city construction, bridge construction, electric power and other energy source facilities and so on.
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