The Requirements of Concrete Mixing Pump on Raw Material

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Pumped concrete is different from traditional concrete construction methods. In addition to meeting the design requirements of strength and durability, the requirements for concrete must also meet the requirements of pipeline transportation for concrete mixtures, that is, the concrete mixture should have good pumping performance.
Pumped concrete has different requirements for its material and mix ratio from ordinary concrete. Therefore, not all concrete mixtures can be pumped. The so-called pumpability means that the concrete mixture should have the characteristics of being able to flow smoothly through the pipeline, with low friction resistance, no segregation, no clogging, and good adhesion.
When the construction contractor uses a concrete mixing pump, it must be used correctly. The main parameter of the mixing trailer pump is the pumping capacity. Pumping capacity is generally expressed by the maximum delivery volume (displacement) and the maximum delivery pressure of pumping concrete per hour. So what are the requirements for the concrete raw materials of the concrete mixer pump?

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1. Cement
Cement is a hydraulic cementing material. General-purpose cements include Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, and Portland slag cement, etc., which should comply with national standards.
2. Blending material
Fly ash is a commonly used admixture for pumping concrete. Adding finely ground fly ash to pumped concrete can significantly improve the fluidity of the concrete mixture, reduce drying shrinkage, and significantly improve the pumpability of concrete.
For large-volume concrete structures, adding a certain amount of fly ash can also reduce the heat of hydration of the cement and help control temperature cracks.
3. Sand
River sand is commonly used in general engineering. The size of sand is divided by coefficient mode. Medium sand is commonly used in pumping concrete, and its modulus is (3.0-2.3).
4. Stones
Stones are divided into igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks according to their geological origin. Most igneous rocks are excellent raw materials for stones.
5. Additives
The material that is mixed during or before mixing, and the mixing amount is not more than 5% of the weight of the cement, and can change the performance of concrete as required, is called concrete admixture. The commonly used are water reducer, air supplement, coagulant, antifreeze and so on. The most used is water reducer.

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