Who should be blamed for concrete boom pump truck accidents

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  Concrete boom pump truck operators and drivers might be confronted with accidents once they are not careful or lucky enough. When an accident occurs (sometimes even loss of lives are involved), who should be blamed? The operator or the concrete boom pump truck owner? This may be based on several occasions. Here we discuss the first occasion: pump truck failures.

  First of all, as a large-scale construction machinery, concrete pump trucks must be inspected regularly and pass a professional agency inspection before they can work legally. This is also a prerequisite to protect the owners' rights. If the product performance of the pump truck is not qualified, the insurance company has reason to refuse compensation after an accident occurs. Therefore, the pump truck certificate and annual inspection of the vehicle must be followed up in a timely manner. This should be done by the owner. Hence if the accident is caused by the failure of the pump truck, the owner generally bears the main responsibility. The operator is working in accordance with the requirements of the owner, and is not responsible for whether the performance of the pump truck is up to standard. If the owner purchases the corresponding insurance for the pump truck, this responsibility will also be passed on to the insurance company.
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  However, operators of concrete pump trucks may also need to take corresponding responsibilities in some occasions. For example, although the cause of the accident was the breakage of the boom of the pump truck, if the operator does not have an operation certificate, he or she will also be deemed to be partly responsible for the accident. And the insurance company has a right to refuse to compensate for the fact that the operator did not hold a certificate. Therefore, the pumpers must obtain the government-required operation permit and hold the post.

  To sum up, to avoid risks and responsibilities, owners of concrete boom pump trucks must ensure the legality of the pump truck, and the annual inspection, compulsory insurance, and the driver’s driving license must not exceed the deadline. The pump truck must not be modified, which is forbidden and will make the problem of division of responsibilities more complicated. It needs to be divided in different proportions according to the responsibilities presented by the owners, pumpers and concrete pump truck manufacturers.

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