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Trailer concrete pump is mainly used in large-scale housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction. What is a best trailer concrete pump? The unique and creative open hydraulic system of Haomei concrete line pump integrates the advantages of open and closed type, with high system efficiency, good heat dissipation and stable operation.
best concrere trailer pump
Super wear-resistant S valve
The S valve adopts the floating sealing structure to automatically compensate the wear gap, and the sealing effect is good. The S tube is made of imported wear-resistant welding rod, and its shaft head is made of high-strength alloy steel after nitriding treatment, which avoids the occurrence of shaft head fracture.
High-quality rubber concrete piston
The use of high-quality and specially processed rubber concrete piston makes the service life of the concrete piston reach an average of more than 20,000 cubic meters, ensuring safe and low-consumption construction requirements.
High torque motor
With al-electric reversing technology, the reversing action of the main cylinder and the swing cylinder is carried out at the most appropriate time, so that the pumping reversing has no impact, so that the reversing is fast and stable, and the pumping height and the spring material suction efficiency are effectively improved.
The hydraulic oil has high cleanliness and low oil temperature. The main oil cylinder waterproof sealing device is used to effectively prevent the hydraulic oil from emulsification.
Open hydraulic system
It adopts open hydraulic system and is equipped with electric-hydraulic proportional buffering technology. It not only has the advantages of high cleanliness, low temperature and long service life of hydraulic oil in the open system, but also has the advantages of small reversing impact in the closed system.
Reliable electro-hydraulic components
Valves, pumps and other important hydraulic components are all original components from famous brands Rexroth or Vickers, which makes the performance of the whole system more stable and the service life longer. Electronic components are imported from Omron and Schneider.
In addition to our own brand, we also supply the domestic brands like zoomlion trailer concrete pump. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need. 

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