The Principle Of Concrete Pump Truck On Pouring Job

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The concrete is transported to the concrete pump truck by a ready-mix concrete truck, commonly known as a cement mixer. The large drums on the cement mixing vehicle must be kept constantly rotating to prevent the concrete from setting-up, or hardening, prematurely. Small amounts of water are added during the mixing process as well for the same reason. Concrete pumping trucks, therefore carry no concrete, only the pumping mechanism, and sectioned hose lengths. Ready-mixed concrete is dumped from a cement mixer into the bay of the concrete pump truck as the pump is running, thus emptying the pumping bay of the concrete as ita€?s dumped.
The extendable hose or cylinder booms on concrete pump trucks are usually from 17 meters (55.77 feet) to 61 meters (200.13 feet) in length, when fully extended. Depending on the size of the concrete pump truck, and, therefore, the boom length, the boom can be folded into three to four sections, including the base section. The length of the boom, of course, determines how far away the concrete boom truck will be placed from where the concrete is to be pumped.
The concrete to be pumped is in a liquefied state, obviously, and is leveled and worked as it is pumped into the form from the mortar pump . Typically, concrete pumping trucks can pump from 200 to 240 yards of concrete per hour, as long as the specific consistency of the concrete is maintained. When pumping is completed, the cylinder boom is refolded into the emptied bay of the concrete pump truck.

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