What Are Important for The All Terrain Pump Truck

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The concrete boom pumps have good maneuverability and its own booms, so it has no need to lay pipes, featuring short construction assistance time, fast pumping speed, high work efficiency and high degree of automation. It is widely used in some high-rise buildings, bridges and other projects. Due to the high equipment utilization rate of concrete pump trucks, many companies provide leasing services after purchasing them.

Since the all terrain pump truck works in harsh environments and operates continuously, very high requirements are placed on the chassis as a power source. The quality of chassis selection will directly affect the safety, reliability and economy of concrete pump trucks.

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When users choose a pump truck chassis, in addition to price, the first thing they consider is the brand. Competition in the construction field is fierce, and most pump truck users believe that vehicles from well-known brands will give them an advantage in bidding for their business. Haomei Machinery chooses chassis from well-known brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Howo.

The ones below 30 meters are called short boom pump trucks, the conventional boom pump trucks are between 30-40 meters, the long boom pump trucks are between 40-50 meters, and the boom length exceeds 50 meters, which is generally called super long boom pump trucks. The most common types on the market are conventional boom pump trucks and long boom pump trucks. In the past two years, their trend has been getting longer and longer. With the increasing demand, there will be concrete pump trucks with longer booms entering the market.

As one of the experienced concrete pump truck manufacturers in China, Haomei Machinery’s 47m boom pump adopts 6-section boom technology, which has super practical value. Its structural parts and welds adopt fatigue optimization design to extend the service life of the structural parts. Equipped with the world's leading boom active vibration reduction technology, the construction is safer.

During construction, the boom of a small concrete pump truck will vibrate to a certain extent, which is not a good thing for the boom. Because of the vibration, the boom will be subjected to deformation forces from all aspects, which will cause the boom steel to easily produce fatigue deformation, which will cause the boom of the small concrete pump truck to crack and even cause serious safety accidents. Therefore, in the daily use of concrete pump trucks, it is very important to maintain the boom.

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