What Are Features of Haomei 47m Concrete Pump

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The concrete boom pump has its own boom, which integrates pumping and driving. It is very convenient during construction and the pumping speed is very fast, and the work efficiency is very high.

According to the length of the boom of the pump truck, concrete pump trucks can be divided into: short boom, long boom, and super long boom. Usually, the boom length is 13-28 meters for short boom, 31-47 meters for long boom, and 51-62 meters for super long boom. The most common pump trucks on the market are short boom and long boom.

With the development of commercial concrete, concrete pumping machinery has more complete specifications and higher grades. The boom of the pump truck has developed in a longer direction, from the past 37 meters to 42-45 meters, and 47-56 meters are also favored by the market. What are the features of 47m concrete pump?

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Its boom system is mainly composed of a foldable and unfoldable planar four-bar mechanism articulated by multiple booms, connecting rods, cylinders, and connectors. Due to the lower opening space of the Z-type folding boom and the more compact structural layout of the R-type folding boom, various folding methods such as Z-type, R-type and comprehensive types of booms are mixed and used by different manufacturers.

The boom part is the biggest difference between concrete pump trucks and other concrete pumps. Usually, the boom consists of five parts: hydraulic folding arm (or other forms), turntable, rotating mechanism, fixed turret and legs. When working, the four legs are supported on the ground to provide a stable support for the arm. The entire arm can rotate 365° on this support. In addition, each arm can also rotate around its own axis. These different actions can be combined to transport concrete to any position.

Haomei pump trucks also have their own unique advantages, namely, the use of a fully hydraulically controlled hydraulic system that transmits signals through oil pressure, making operation simpler and more reliable, and reducing construction risks. In addition, they have independently developed an energy-saving control system that can automatically match the engine output power with load changes, minimizing fuel consumption. Welcome to leave message below to inquire boom concrete pump price.

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