Stationary concrete pump with efficient hydraulic oil-cooler

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Stationary concrete pump characterized by a high versatility of use. Thanks to highly efficient hydraulic oil-cooler the pump is prepared for long-lasting tasks.Machine will work efficiently on narrow construction sites as well as on medium-sized engineering projects. The pump has been designed and targeted at users’ demands and to meet the requirements of customers in various sectors of the construction industry.
Despite the machine is compact, it has not been simplified – the S-valve is driven by the hydraulic accumulator, which allows smooth and fully dynamic shifting of the S-valve, equally in the drive unit there are no unnecessary overloads which often occur in the fully hydraulical open-loop systems. The pump is equipped with the hydraulically driven, double-motor agitator in the hopper, that ensures a fully efficient suction of the concrete. In the standard version the machine is equipped with the water pump – also hydraulically driven. Due to the relatively high engine power – 91 kW – the machine easily works in high parameters of output as well as the high pressure.

Power system of static concrete pump:
1.. Using well-known motor (132KW) from China.
Main pumping system:
2. Concrete Cylinder
3. Open-loop hydraulic circuit, Big fuel tank capacity (560L), Good performance of heat transfer and low temperature of the system effectively protect the entire hydraulic system to work properly.
Distribution system of static concrete pump:
Using special glasses plates of wear-resistant materials, cutting ring.
Mixing system of static concrete pump:
1. cycloid motor
2. Using super-resistant mixing blade shaft with pedal-style.
3. The hardness of left and right axle HB250-280 after quenched treatment. The thickness of the surface nitride is greater than 0.3mm, and the surface hardness is more than HB550.
Cooling and filtration devices of static concrete pump:
1. The filtration accuracy of main pump suction filter is 100μm, and the filtration accuracy of the gear pump suction filter is 80μm, and the filtration accuracy of return oil filter is 20μm.
2. Coolers from airline products are of reliable quality and good heat dissipation.
Hydraulic piping and valve of static concrete pump:
1. Using imported Italian Ercolina tubing and fittings with good pressure resistance and anti-aging performance.
2. Using hydraulic control valve from the Italian company Atos ,which is a unit of the hydraulic system to ensure long-term stability
Electronic control systems of static concrete pump:
Standard equipment of the concrete mixer pump:
cable remote control;
proportional output control of the pump;
remote control of the engine r.p.m.;
centralized lubrication system for the pumping unit (S-valve, agitator);
auxilary set of emergency-switches mounted on both sides of the machine;
safety device on the hopper grid;
vibrator on the hopper grid;
working lamp for the hopper;
protection cover for the hopper;
set of basic tools;
complete equipment for the cleaning of the pump;
water-hose with noozle – 15 meters;
set of essential spare parts for the machine.

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