Factory Manufacturer Tell You Concrete Pump Truck Working Pr

Posted On: 17/10/2016 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

Concrete pump truck manufacturers tell you the concrete pump work properly process, please don't ignore it, it will help you to better use.

Firstly, start the mobile concrete pump and make sure the pump is under air operation. If the temperature is low, the time of air operation should be largely prolonged, and you can start pumping only when the temperature of the hydraulic oil is over 15 degrees.
Secondly, add a certain amount of water to the hopper of concrete pump in order to moisten hopper, distribution valve and pipe.
Thirdly, add a certain amount of cement mortar to the hopper so that the whole concrete conveying pipe can be lubricated, which can ensure the smooth operation in the pumping time.
Then, the mixing shaft should reverse a few circles after putting cement mortar into the hopper. Only in this way can the hopper and inner sides of the hopper get a full lubrication. Then make the mixing shaft rotate positively so that the mortar can get into the distribution valve box.
At last, the concrete mixer in the hopper could be transfer vertical and horizontal.

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