Distiguish Types And Applicatin Of Trailer Concrete Pump

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Trailer concrete pump is also called as concrete pump, which is a mechanical machine that is used to convey and pour concrete at construction sites. Generally speaking, concrete trailer pumps are divided into diesel and electric concrete pump trailer by its original motivation. Trailer pumps have the characteristics of long conveying distance, high productivity, and high transporting speed, which made it more and more welcomed among construction projects.

According to the method of driving, concrete pump can be divided into piston type concrete pump and extrusion type concrete pump and at present we often use piston type concrete pump.

According to the moving style concrete pump is divided into stationary concrete pump, concrete trailer pump and truck mounted concrete pump. The concrete trailer pump and truck mounted concrete pump are often used in construction sites.

According to the different valve forms, concrete pump is divided into rotary valve type, gate valve type and s tube valve type. Gate valve type and s tube valve type are currently used.

The trailer mounted concrete pump is the concrete conveying equipment which connects concrete pump and distributing device directly on the chassis of the automobile. It can work without additional laying concrete pipeline which has good maneuverability, flexible fabric, convenient use. It is suitable for large scale infrastructure projects or scattering engineering concrete delivery while its structure is relatively complex.

Features and Advantages of trailer concrete pump:

1. The machine has unique design, compact structure, high conveying efficiency and good performance.

2. It can satisfy the requirements of varieties of construction projects for its reasonable price and high quality.

3. Our trailer concrete pump has long conveying distance, high conveying speed and high productivity.

4. It will largely save time and money for your projects for its high working efficiency and low energy consumption advantages.

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