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You’ll probably use concrete pumping equipment often in construction.You can easy discover the labor-saving and time-saving benefits of concrete pumping.We offer the latest Putzmeister concrete boom pumps from 20 to 32 meters also.

We offer a concrete pumping service you can effortlessly integrate with your next ready-mix delivery. Our pumping service will allow you to place concrete in otherwise unreachable places. It will also allow you to place concrete faster, with less labor and a better in place product. By eliminating the need for access ramps and by making backfilling easier, concrete pumping can reduce excavation labor by 10 to 15%. Because pump trucks can operate from the curb, concrete pumping reduces congestion and increases safety around your job site.

Concrete pumus supplied by concrete pump manufacturers not only meet but exceeded market demands …it’s reliability, ease to operate, low maintenance, simple to service and repair, it’s excellent fuel economy.

concrete pumps are used for concrete placing.

• Can be used for shortcreting

• Can be used for grouting

• Can be used for rough plastering

• Can be used for material handling.

Concrete pumps are distinguished according to design (one- and two-cylinder) and type of drive (crank and hydraulic). In both types the plunger sucks concrete mix from the pump hopper while the delivery valve (gate) is closed and the suction valve is open; on the return cycle it ejects the mix into the conduit. Hydraulically driven concrete pumps have a longer plunger stroke in the working cylinder than do crank-driven pumps; they also have a constant plunger speed, which provides a steady, even movement of the concrete mix and reduces the resistance to movement of the mix in the conduit and the power requirements for the electric motors.

Our company is the provider of China’s First indigenous concrete pump. Our quality boom pump model M15 finds application in grouting, plastering and concrete placing of 15m3/h. The multipurpose pump with number of advantages is featured with high pressure. The pump is mounted on a framed chassis with pneumatic tyres also called truck-mounted concrete pump for easy mobility.

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