Arrangement of trailer concrete pump delivery pipe

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General requirement for trailer concrete pump horizontal pumping pipe arrangement: the pipe should be as flat as possible. The height of the pipe that has been installed should be adjusted. The pipe can only be supported by wood and other soft objects, the support must be firm and reliable. Each pipe fitting should have one or two supporting points. Direct friction between pipe fitting and rock, concrete buildings and steel should be avoided.
When arranging the horizontal pipes, the trailer concrete pump should be placed at slightly low position, the upward pumping is most favorable.
Upward pumping construction: when pumping upwards, for the elevation section, vertical pipe is better than inclined pipe, which can reduce the pipeline length and pumping resistance. However, due to a variety of condition restriction, the inclined pipe distribution method is often adopted. The pipe distribution of upward pumping should meet the following requirement:
Arrange vertically upwards

Arrange vertically downwards

1,When the trailer concrete pump vertical pumping height is more than 10m,the conversion length of horizontal pipe section should be greater than 2/3the elevated height, see the diagram:
2,When the trailer concrete pump upward pumping height is more than 20m, the lower horizontal section should be equipped with stop pipe to prevent concrete flowing backwards. The vertical pipe or inclined pipe of elevated section and its upper and lower horizontal pipe should be fixed properly.

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