Trailer Concrete Pump Starting Instruction (One)

Posted On: 12/04/2018 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

  Operation of trailer concrete pump entail strict rules, or else the pump may get damaged for the long run and even the operator himself may be injured. Therefore, it’s crucial for green hand operators to learn necessary skills to guarantee safe running of the pump. The first step involves starting up a pump, which seems to be easy yet would be tricky enough in case of unexpected circumstances.
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  Pressing the “on” button of a trailer concrete pump does not mean completion of the starting up process. You should not have the pump deliver concrete until soft start conversion is finished. In case that the mixing blades fail to rotate, you must make them to rotate reversely. If, however, the blades remain still, it means that the concrete is not qualified enough for pumping. The mixing process should come to a pause until the to be sent concrete has been mixed evenly and thoroughly. You can add mortar to the concrete or discharge part of the concrete if necessary. During the pumping procedure the concrete must be abundant enough to keep submerging mixing blades so that the pump will not take in air or or that it will pump insufficient concrete, which is a waste of energy. Nevertheless, the level of concrete should be between that of mixing blades and the “S” pipe with a trailer concrete pump of weaker pumping properties. In this way, the mixing resistance would not be too big and the blades would be able to to run normally. Operators must pay continuous attention to pumping pressure during the whole delivering process. Besides, the trailer concrete pump must be started every ten minutes in case of long term pause to keep concrete in the tank moving. Long suspension is not recommended because it may lead to tube plugging which will influence proceeding work.

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