Trailer Concrete Pump Starting Instruction (Two)

Posted On: 04/05/2018 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

  In the previous article we discussed the first part of starting instruction for trailer concrete pump. Here we will continue with cautions for pumping process.
trailer concrete pump

  In case of sudden soaring of pumping pressure during the pumping process of a trailer concrete pump, the operator should press immediately down the reverse pumping button to have the pump operating reversely for 3 cycles. If the trailer concrete pump does not gets to normal pumping pressure after several times of operation above, it should be powered off. Other reasons like pipe clogging should be taken into account. Pipes may get clogged because of unusual length or dry interior walls. Therefore, extra pipes added to extend the original pumping pipe should be no more than two pieces, and their interior walls must be wet with water. Distributing valve of a small scale trailer concrete pump is accumulator oil way. Therefore, the time gap between every starting up of the valve should be no less than 5 minutes, and pressure in the accumulator must be relieved in time after the pump is powered off. Besides, special attention must be paid to water and oil tanks. Unusual temperature of the water tank will make S pipe sway. The normal figures for oil sucking vacuum degree and return pressure are respectively 0.04 and 0.35 or below. If the figures surpass the numbers above, the pump must be stopped for safety check. The temperature in the oil tank should be blow 6o℃ in winter and 70℃ in summer.

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